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Over the past 5 years in the Ottawa Valley, we have began to see new trends arise in terms of decor items. Pinterest has changed the wedding industry tremendously and plays a pivotal role in almost every bride’s dream wedding planning. Can you believe an item such as a chair is now considered a stand alone decor piece for weddings?

Completely wow your guests by making your wedding unique, and straying away from stereotypical  “ traditions”. Although, the banquet style chair themselves can completely transform your venue indoors and outdoors there are a plethora of core decor elements that can completely transform your venue to add to the “wow factor”.

Pinterest crash course 101.
Pin! Pin! Pin!
You can never gather enough inspiration and ideas you like to make that dream wedding come true. Take special note of your boards. Go through them once you’ve gone crazy Pining ideas that stand out to you. Get rid of the mediocre pins that don’t have that same “wow” factor they once had for you. Take note of the pins that you really like– are you drawn to them because of a really unique chair that is being used? We see this a lot of times with our Bride’s. The vast majority of the time it is the chairs that are catching their attention.

Chair covers have been a trend for far too long, 20 years too long. We were due for a change and it has been incredible for the wedding industry.

Let me give you a list of some of the most frequently used banquet chairs that are trending right now.

1. Wood Crossback chairs, also known as Vineyard chairs.
2. Chiavari chairs, most popular being: gold, silver and black.

3. The Infinity chairs.

These banquet chairs are sure to make a statement and completely change the look and feel of your event. These are only some of the most trending chairs in the industry right now, the differing colours and wood stains also provide endless options to allow for the most unique creativity.
Admittedly, the banquet style chairs are typically more expensive than chair covers, but they have the most dramatic effect on the overall style and design of your wedding decor. You will not be dissapointed!

Stay tuned for more trends in the Ottawa Valley!


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