Sir Mix-a-Lot Layouts

We like to call this one, “ The Mix”, and no. It’s not a drink!

It is all in the art of mixing banquet and round styled tables to create a more unique and versatile layout for your venue. There are so many options to consider when creating your own “mix” and how we can make it perfect for your venue. Contact one of our Designers to see how we can incorporate this new trend for your event.

Take a sneak peak below at one of our previous Event Design Packages last year.

One of the main components we love the Mix so much is because of its versatility. Using this method of decorating allows us to come up with a plan, that is unique to every individual style and theme you are trying to create! This works tremendously, as here in the Ottawa Valley, we are limited to venues because they are typically frequently used for the same events.

Many couples face this obstacle. Creating a unique layout, that depicts each couples individuality, style and theme is the goal here and thanks to the Mix, Parvati & Athena Events is able to do just that by working together to create Custom Layouts using unique, trendy decor!

Not only is The Mix a great way to achieve a custom look, but it saves so much time and effort in terms of creating a seating chart!

Let me explain:

Anyone who has planned a dinner reception, can reminisce on the amount of effort, hours, rearranging and more rearranging it takes to come up with a functional seating chart that is optimal for everyone! The Mix is such a great solution for this obstacle. Have a family of 12? No problem. You can now easily seat them at a long family style table. Have a group of 6 friends and don’t want to awkwardly seat them with your family? No problem. You can seat them at a 6ft banquet table.

Don’t forget– now that the stress of the seating chart is behind you… go Mix yourself a drink, you deserve it!

Your vision is our vision.
Contact one of our Event Designers for a free consultation.

Much Love,

P&A Team

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