Popular Colour Trends in the Ottawa Valley

In 2016, blush became the “in” colour amongst Ottawa Valley Weddings and it’s no doubt that it’s still standing strong. In the 2017 and 2018 Wedding Seasons, we’ve seen this colour frequently used, along with some Ivory and Greenery. Just when we thought the colour fad was going to fade out of the Wedding Industry, we began to notice the colour combination expanding to gold and dark burgundy in this particular colour combo. It’s no doubt that this colour combination is still holding strong. When burgundy and blush combine, it’s pure magic. These colours along with the pops of gold, green and ivory provide such a romantic, yet vibrant feel. The blush provides the perfect balance to the richness of the burgundy. You will not regret this colour combination!

Greenery was announced Colour Of The Year in 2016. Not only do we see this beautiful natural trend in the Ottawa Valley, but it’s being used all over the world. P&A Design Specialists absolutely adore incorporating as much greenery into an event as we possibly can. There’s something otherworldly about creating and designing a mythical Boho inspired wedding. This provides such an energized, romantic feel inspired by nature.

In 2018, we noticed a light blue trending for Bridesmaids dresses and pops of the same colour through the use of table runners. This colour has also been referred to as platinum or grey. The differing lighting and accents can pull different shades from the blue. We expect to see this lovely soft colour through 2019 and 2020 Wedding Seasons.

We cannot wait to see all the trends evolve into such outstanding colour combinations!


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