Centerpiece Design Tips

Happy Thursday!

There are so many elements that can set the tone for your wedding and yes, Centerpieces are yet another part of that equation.

Working in the Event Industry with over 5 years experience, our team of designers have some recommendations for you!

Tip # 1: Why have only one centerpiece? Change things up and have two or three. This adds texture and accentuates your tablescape.

Tip # 2: Create levels using centerpieces of different heights. It adds diversity and a unique touch.

Tip # 3: Choose tall centerpieces that are above eye level. Having centerpieces at eye level will obstruct your guests view during dinner and reception. Remember after all, they are there celebrating you! It can also make for awkward conversation having to weave around a centerpiece during a conversation with other guests. Believe us when we say this– it will hinder the natural flow of conversation and may be a little frustrating.

Here is an example of functional Centerpieces below:

This photo perfectly depicts the uniqueness of the decor and adds texture to the room using three different centerpieces with differing heights.

We absolutely love these Gold Floral stands. Because (1) they are just so perfectly elegant and (2) it allows for natural conversation between guests, without completely obstructing their view.

We’re hoping that you can use these tips that are so often overlooked to help you design the wedding of your dreams β™‘


P&A Team

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